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AE&A Insurance Services Group, LLC

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About AE&A Insurance Services Group, LLC

Commercial Business Insurance, Auto Insurance and Home Insurance

Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance and Corporate Insurance

AE&A Insurance Services Group, LLC has been proudly and efficiently providing excellent and affordable insurance coverage services to individuals and businesses in the greater Bel Air area for many years. While our insurance company has grown over the years, allowing us to broaden our services, we believe in maintaining personalized and attentive interaction with each and every one of our customers, existing or potential.

When hiring AE&A Insurance Services Group, LLC as your insurance agent, you become part of our growing family, and will always be treated with the respect and care that you deserve. We do not believe in avoiding phone calls or taking weeks to get back in touch with you. With AE&A Insurance Services Group, LLC at your side, you march through life with a powerful ally, and you can be confident that we will always be there to protect you and your best interests. We deal in the insurance business, but our real mission is people business, and we do everything in our power to make sure that our clients always come first.

In these hard economical times, AE&A Insurance Services Group, LLC understands that insurance may seem superfluous, or a luxury that you just can't afford. This is why we strive to offer extremely affordable prices on all of our single or package insurance services. Many of our existing customers were pleasantly surprised at the savings. We are appointed agents with over 20 insurance companies to get our clients cheap / low cost insurance premiums.

After years of experience offering consultation services and handling insurance packages, AE&A Insurance Services Group, LLC understands that a lot of people aren't really sure what kind of insurance they need, or even how much coverage is best for them. This is why we are happy to offer free consultation services to individuals and business owners, helping you learn more about insurance coverage and deciding just how much you need.

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We are quick to respond in case of emergency, and just as easy to reach for a consultation or questions related to your insurance needs. If you live in or around Bel Air, give us a call today. We guarantee that you will be so happy with our rates and level of customer care that you'll never shop around for another insurance broker.

Independent Broker Insurance Agency

AE&A Insurance Services Group, LLC is a full service Independent Insurance Broker providing Personal, Commercial/Business, life insurance and bonds. With over 15 companies, we can provide our clients insurance with the best rated yet lowest priced companies. As such, our customers save on time and money by having us "shop" the insurance market for no extra charge.

As a former "captive" Nationwide Insurance Agency Owner, my hands were tied when Nationwide increased my clients' insurance premium/rates. Some years we received multiple rate increases resulting in double digit increases for the year. We opened up AE&A Insurance Services Group, LLC to provide our clients with options. At renewal, if rates increased, we'll shop the market for the best possible rate. This saves our customers time and money and provides them with the peace of mind and knowledge that we are looking out for their welfare.

As an Independent Insurance Broker, with one phone call, we provide our prospective clients with quotes from over 15 different insurance companies. For our established clients, a 30 second phone call is all we need to ensure they have the best rate possible. This provides them with a high rated insurance company with low insurance premium. As an Independent Insurance Broker, we are agents for multiple insurance companies and can provide our clients with multiple quotes from different carriers to offer them a variety of options.

Insurance Services

  • Home Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Corporate Insurance
  • Employee Benefit Insurance


  • Document all loss of property
  • Take pictures or footage of the damage.
  • Collect names & contact info of witnesses
  • Always keep all records and invoices
  • Make your report as soon as possible
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